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  As we begin to rebuild the Reform Party, we need the resources and commitment from all interested Americans.

What unites all members of the Reform Party is our drive for clean, responsible government, a balanced budget and an end to the runaway spending that has pushed our national debt to over $12 trillion. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

  Our National and State officers periodically publish editorials or letters discussing the Reform Party's stance on current events.

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Reform Party of California Analysis & Commentary
It has been argued here repeatedly that political self-interest in our two-party system can and does trump service to the public interest. Fair questions include how often does that happen and how important is it. Presumably, all or essentially all players within the system will strongly deny that such things happen or that, if it does occur, the effects are trivial. That is why it is rare and refreshing to hear a major source squarely within the two-party system admit that such things do …

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Party self-interest trumps the public interest(0)

Reform Party of California Commentary
The Reform Party of California (RPCA) recently pointed out that an unpleasant manifestation of political self-interest is the willingness of political parties in full control of some states to have legislative agendas that differ depending on whether it is an even-numbered election year or an odd-numbered year with no routine elections. The RPCA cited that as evidence that both political parties and their elected politicians routinely put their self-interest, i.e., re-election, before the public interest. The point of easing off on aggressive partisan agendas in election …

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